Sunday, January 26, 2014

Seattle Family Photography

Just a few of the many families that I get to see every year. I am super grateful for each and every opportunity that has made photography my career. Happy New Year Everyone!

 photo Oct2013145_zps09d081e8.jpg
 photo Oct2013081_zpsd532e409.jpg
 photo Oct2013017_zps1c579d6b.jpg
 photo Oct2013028_zpscbed2539.jpg
 photo Oct2013117_zps94f1e9ff.jpg
 photo ScreenShot2013-12-16at110339PM_zps00d0abad.jpg

 photo Oct2013106_zps452ceb87.jpg
 photo IMG_0705_zps21dccfd4.jpg
 photo IMG_0643_zpsa7260d1f.jpg
 photo Sept2013083_zpsfc6bfe8d.jpg
 photo Sept2013070_zpsc79997bb.jpg
 photo Sept2013035_zps81dc1b73.jpg
 photo Sept2013106_zps359cff33.jpg
 photo Nov2013095_zpsddf5d1fd.jpg
 photo Nov2013069_zpsbccb446b.jpg